Q: What am I looking at?

A: The Paperback Beauty Pageant judges books by their covers. By creating synopses of the apparent plots as depicted by the art on the front, the reader is saved the hassle of concerning themselves with the contents. 

Q: What’s all this other crap?

A: For those who wish to appear smart and opinionated at parties, the inside bits are reviewed and rated. Following that, questions are provided for people who wish to challenge their own interpretations of the cover art, or for lazy teachers.

Q: Who’s doing the judging?

A: The Judge of the Paperback Beauty Pageant, final arbiter of worth, ultimate adjudicator of spiffiness, the executive decider supreme, is an arrogant, loveable ham.

Q: You do a lot of science fiction.

A: Yup.

Q: Who did your logo?

A: The Paperback Beauty Pageant logo’s current incarnation was very kindly designed by Hailey, who can be found at and

Q: Where do you get your books?

A: I buy most of my paperbacks at The Armadillo’s Pillow, an independent bookstore in Chicago. And eBay. Hoo boy, if you could see  my PayPal bills…

Q: Where can we find you on social media?

A: Stuff from this blog is regularly posted to

You can find us on Facebook at

Follow the pbbpb twitter @pbbpbt

My Tumblr knowledge amounts to sweet fuck-all, but I made one for the people who like that sort of thing. Click here.

Instagram is a website people use.


19 thoughts on “Info

    1. Aww! You have terrible taste (for liking this blog, not in general)! That’s adorbs. I’m gonna try to keep the main posting index free of everything but reviews, but let me give it a think. Maybe I can put something on the Meta page, or make an entirely different page for WordPress community stuff. Don’t worryโ€”if the answer to this quandary is at the bottom of one of these cans of Modelo, I’m gonna find it.

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  1. Collecting used sci-fi and fantasy novels sounds like a wonderful hobby! You don’t need to justify it, just enjoy and go for it ๐Ÿ™‚ Since they are used copies they can’t be that expensive either! I can definitely think of more expensive hobbies to have. I used to study Photography at uni – now that’s pricey to keep up!

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    1. Actually, it’s all a lie. I’ve always been in this for that massive WordPress paycheck. Vintage codpieces and papal blessings don’t buy themselves. Thanks for reading!

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